Monthly Archives: June 2014

Speaking at BlueVolt LEAP Ahead Conference 6/25/14

This Wednesday I’ll be speaking on the topic of “Actively Involving Learners Through Story” at the BlueVolt LEAP Ahead Conference in downtown Portland. My session will focus on the power of storytelling as a tool of persuasion, how stories can inspire and engage learning, and tips for interviewing subject matter experts during the discovery process. We’ll […]

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Storytelling: Buzzword or Back to Basics?

Storytelling seems like the shiny new way to learn, but it’s actually an ancient means of making sense of the world. Stories are fantastic tools for learning. Narrative-style learning is a form of constructivism, in which we are participants–not receptacles for information. Adults don’t normally show up in a learning environment with empty sponges for brains. We naturally learn […]

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