How I Work

I partner with businesses, creative agencies, and non-profits to create programs and materials that help people learn–elearning courses, interactive displays, print materials, and more–all inspired by story structure. Here’s my process.

1. Discovery:

  • Interview subject matter experts.
  • Research and review source materials.
  • Get to know the audience.
  • Examine what’s been done before and what the results were.
  • Determine the gaps between where the program is today and where it needs to be.

2. High-level Instructional Design:

  • Create learning objectives.
  • Build content structure.
  • Outline supporting scenarios (characters, situations, resolutions).

3. Content Design & Development:

  • Write storyboard drafts as blueprints for the learning program.
  • Create supporting materials such as job aids.
  • Refine documentation through reviews.
  • Collaborate with or manage creative teams as needed.

Depending on the content, story-based learning can serve as a framework for an entire learning program or as a guide for writing scenarios that support the content. With many story structure variations to draw from, I choose the one that best suits your audience and goals. Here’s a simplified version of the basic components of a story:

  • Introduction: Set up the situation with characters, background, and setting.
  • Confrontation: Characters meet and overcome conflict, resulting in growth or transformation.
  • Resolution: Resolve the situation, resulting in closure.

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