Learning through stories comes naturally to us all. We’re hard-wired to make sense of the world through stories; it’s how we connect emotionally to new information and also to each other. Hearing, telling, and creating stories engages the entire brain.

Freedom From Fact Sheets
What comes to mind when you hear the phrase “mandatory training”? Boredom. Eye-rolling. Wasted time. While traditional learning materials may be bloated with instruction, my story-based instructional design approach engages learners in a realistic, interactive context. Compare my approach to the typical learning experience, which usually begins by front-loading learners with a lot of content, and then giving them a couple chances to answer multiple-choice questions. This often means click-read, click-read, yawn, and then click-read some more. (Nothing nimble about that!)

Instead, I focus on:

  • What learners need to do–beyond just what they should know
  • Engaging learners in situations that directly appeal to their interests
  • Actively involving the audience in their own learning
  • Igniting learners’ curiosity to discover and practice
  • Inspiring learners to demonstrate their understanding

Nimble Narrative’s Values
Be curious. Stay flexible. Be generous. Communicate clearly.

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